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Transport Walking Machine

Transport Walking Machine

Transport walking machine designed in 1997 year. The machine consists of two walking supports like as walking support for sprinkling machine "Kuban" and central frame. Also the machine have isolated micro generating plant. 
We tested the machine on a difficult region near town Dubovka of the Volgograd's province. The machine can overcome a swamp (0.6 metres deep) and a rise (30 degrees).

Research team:

Scientific supervisor: Briskin E.S.
Main designer: Sherstobitov S.V.
Engineer of control system: Golytsyn I.V.
Preparation of the test procedure, realization of tests, processing of results: Chernyshev V.V.
Research assistants: Zhoga V.V., Rusakovsky A.E., Cherkasov V.V., Kuznetsov S.A., Maloletov A.V.

Работа на болоте


Weight 1620 kg
Length of the machine 4,6 m
Breadth 2,8 m
Weight of the moved consignment 3500 kg
Potency of a drive 4 kW
Maximum valocity 0,267 m/s (0,97 km/h)
Ground pressure under full loading of machine 0,32 kg/cm2
Height of overcome obstacles 0,18 m
Breadth overcome of the ditches 0,7 m
Practicability swamp, sand ets.

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