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Walking Transport-Technological Mobile System

Walking Transport-Technological Mobile System

Walking transport-technological mobile system designed in the autumn of 1998 year. We tested the machine in 1999-2000 years.

Surface of swamp cleaning with use a sorbent that is created in institute of industrial ecology of VSTU (1999 year). Look a short film (4,89MB) about working the walking mashine on swamp.

Sewage disposal plant of nitric-oxygen factory (2000 year).

Research Team:

Scientific supervisor: Briskin E.S.
Main designer: Sherstobitov S.V.
Main designer of the manipulator: Gerasun V.M.
Designer of the manipulator: Rogachev A.F.
Engineer of control system: Golytsyn I.V.
Research assistants: Chernyshev V.V., Zhoga V.V., Maloletov A.V., Teldekov A.V.

Weight 1620 kg
Length of the machine 4,6 m
Breadth 2,8 m
Weight of the moved consignment 3500 kg
Potency of a drive 12 kW
Maximum velocity 0,267 m/s
Ground pressure under full loading of machine 0,32 kg/cm2
Height of overcome obstacles 0,18 m
Breadth overcome of the ditches 0,7 m
Practicability swamp, sand ets.
Lifting capacity of the manipulator 1,5 t

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